Fellatio and cunnilingus are two very important sexual acts. Although they are pleasurable acts, it’s important to know how to do them well. So that everyone enjoys themselves, Pasionis is here to explain the 10 most common oral sex errors for both men and women.

After some passionate kissing and provocative caresses, oral sex is a great way to continue the sexual foreplay. Fellatio and cunnilingus increase arousal, preparing the body for penetration and adding to the lubrication of the situation. However, bad oral sex can ruin an otherwise pleasant session of sex. Everyone take note of what not to do!

Mistakes during Cunnilingus

  1. Focusing on only one point: Although the clitoris is the most sensitive and erogenous part of a woman’s body, we also like feeling our partner’s tongue on our labia. Take advantage of the whole zone, making different movements with your tongue and even your lips.
  2. Irritating the zone: If the girl isn’t very wet and your mouth is dry, you can irritate her genitals, especially because the skin of the clitoris is very fine. If you notice that the lubrication is missing, take a little break and recover your saliva. When it’s dry, no one’s having fun.
  3. Not finding the clitoris: Every vagina is different.  Some women have a prominent clitoris, and others have a more hidden clitoris. Pay attention to her movements and you’ll be able to see if she wants you to make direct contact with her clitoris or if that directness would be uncomfortable.
  4. Doing it for less than 3 minutes: If you’re using oral sex to get us wet and you think just a couple of licks will do the trick, you’re mistaken. Just like you, we really start to relax and enjoy after a few good minutes.
  5.  Being rough: Take care not to be too rough, bite, or suck too hard. Remember that the clitoris is very sensitive and you can hurt us by being too rough. Start slowly and if you can tell she’s enjoying it, increase the intensity–but don’t overdo it!

Mistakes During Fellatio

  1. Using your teeth: It’s simple: oral sex needs to be smooth, and nobody’s going to like it if you dig your teeth in. Wrap your lips around your teeth and protect the penis with your tongue. It’s all a matter of practice, but be careful when you’re starting out.
  2. Lack of lubrication: Just like us, men like to feel how your lips slide over their skin like silk. Work up some saliva before you begin and watch how your saliva becomes thicker and more abundant as you go.
  3. Gagging: Deep throat can be good if you know how to do it. It requires practice, because otherwise you’ll just end up gagging and irritating your throat. Go little by little and pay attention to what’s comfortable and what’s not.
  4. Just licking: A penis is not a lollipop. For a man, it’s more more pleasurable if you use your entire mouth, wrapping your lips all the way around his penis. Lick sometimes to catch your breath and rest, but don’t base the whole blow job on this.
  5. Not using your hands: Although oral sex is (obviously) oral, use your hands to lift the penis and accompany your lips. This way, the blow job becomes more of an experience as you stimulate his entire member.


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