A mother has been left devastated after her son committed suicide on livestream and she walked in to see his dead body.

The 18-year-old Canadian teenager filmed his suicide for his followers to watch. He had a bandana covering his nose and mouth as he got ready to take his life. He had written a suicide note and he slid it out of the room, together with the key to the room he was in, through the space beneath the door. When he was done with this, he put a gun to his head and killed himself.

His mother walked into his room after finding the note and key outside his door and, as expected, she was heartbroken to see his corpse. The mother can be heard in the video crying as she called emergency service to report that her son has died.

She kept repeating to the operator on the phone that her son killed himself, and the operator kept saying: “Maybe, we can help him” “Where is the assailant now?”

But the mom said: “No, there is no assailant”, “My son is dead”, “He killed himself. There’s no blood, his brain is gone.”

Watch the sad video here.

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