While the vast majority of women are going for the all bare look down there, some experts say this can come with some risks – and even deprives women of some unexpected benefits.

Speaking with Daily Mail Online, two gynecologists explain exactly how pubic hair protects the skin, staves off infections and can even attract partners by trapping pheromones.

1. Pubic hair keeps genitals warm

Gynecologist Dr Alyssa Dweck told Daily Mail Online that, among other things, pubic hair helps control temperature.

This protective benefit may also enhance sex.Retaining heat also makes it more likely for men to maintain an erection.

2. It provides ‘cushioning’ during exercise and prevents trauma

Pubic hair is also a protective barrier for the skin, especially during intercourse.

Rubbing skin together could become uncomfortable and even painful, but the genital hair can act as a buffer.

The natural oil in hair also provides skin lubrication and decreases friction during intercourse,’ Dr Streicher said.

3. It may reduce the risk of catching certain sexually transmitted diseases

Some experts say pubic hair can protect the genitals from certain infections.

In fact, science backs this up.

A 2016 study published in the BMJ found people who regularly groomed their pubic hair were 75 percent more likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection. Researchers said this may be due to skin tears that occur while removing hair that allows transmission of bacteria or viruses like HPV.

4. Pubic hair ATTRACTS sexual partners by trapping pheromones

According to Dr Dweck, another evolutionary advantage of pubic hair is that it can trap a person’s pheromones, a hormonal substance that can affect the behavior of others.

‘This can help you attract mates,’ she said.

She said pubic hair get a hold of these pheromones from a person’s perspiration.

5. Grooming the pubic area can lead to injury

Dr Streicher said pubic hair removal is a trend that is a cosmetic and personal choice and rarely has anything to do with health.

‘There are no health benefits associated with removing pubic hair, but there may be some risks,’ she said.

The method in which people remove hair from the genitalia regions – shaving, waxing or laser – can cause injuries, burns and rashes, Dr Streicher explained.

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