Prof. Remi Sonaiya, the presidential candidate of the KOWA Party in the 2015 elections, has said she will contest again in the 2019 presidential election.

Sonaiya expressed her optimism that she will make it in the primary, despite interest from four other KOWA aspirants.

“Yes, I am coming out. I am planning to run as one of the aspirants in KOWA Party. Four other people have indicated their interest in the ticket, so let’s see what happens after our primary,” she replied when asked if she was planning to contest next year.

“My message to women is that the time to stand is now; the reason is that we have short-changed ourselves as a nation. We cannot have a developed nation without women’s involvement. We have the skills and abilities to prepare for leadership.

“By leaving the leadership position to men alone, we have denied ourselves our rights. I really hope that women will be determined and stand, in not just talking about the situation of things, but assuming responsibilities. We should not be begged to take charge.”

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