Freeze shared some tweets posted by Lakewood Church pastor, Joel Osteen and pointed out that his preaching is not bible based but rather motivational.
”Back to back tweets none about Christ or the Bible.
No scriptural messages just motivation…..
Telling people about their destinies like a gypsy with a crystal ball is NOT CHRISTIANITY!
Start basing your teachings on the Bible dude, this sucks! ~FRZ

So i woke up this morning to this email in my mailbox with an open letter to Freeze. Read, enjoy and drop your comments on perspectives.

Dear Freeze,

I’ll make this brief because i am already late for work. I first noticed you when i read your perspective on tithing. I felt it was something we all knew but didn’t think to make a fuss out of it because those who weren’t tithing to the pastors, weren’t. And those who were, were still going to continue anyway, irrespective of what anyone had to say. Religion has made it easy for everyone to follow blindly even when they do not understand where the leader is headed. That being said, the point of this letter is to advice you on when to stop. When you have a point to make, and you make it, it is only mature to quit with sitting on your PC waiting for the person you took a swipe at to respond so you find something else to say afterwards. It is similar to a father who nags (perhaps because he’s jobless). Make your point, and do not revisit it again even if someone calls your name. Let the message have its effect. Returning to reply someone is like having an anti-climax in a performance. We all know how that is.

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Open Letter To OAP Freeze: “I am not even a Christian. But thanks for introducing me to Joel Osteen”

  1. The way this Freeze guy is attacking pastors amount to “ignoramus rampagious”(ignorance gone on rampage), this is zeal without knowledge. He cannot even discuss new creation realities with me. My brother, the letter killeth, get revelation knowledge and stop dancing naked in the village square and call it entertainment.

    1. O God! May God bless you for this brother. He thinks he’s a star, just because some ignorant folks like himself have applauded him. He needs to be taught how not to say things he shouldn’t say. Believe me, a mature Christian doesn’t criticize like this; he does it in love, if need be that he must.

  2. Frèeze is a muslim pretending to be a christian. He was born of a muslim father that belonged to Ahmadiya sect. Therefore, he cannot be an authority in christian doctrines. Let him teach Islamic doctrines and correct the excesses of Islamic leaders in Nigeria which he was born into. Pretending to be a Christian will not bring down the Church of Jesus. I only symphatise with those that see him as their role model. I posted a message to his facebook for him to know that there were some people that knew him when he was young living with his father and Romanian mother he was quick to discuss on the internet in SMARIA HOSPITAL besides St. PETERS ANGLICAN CHURCH Aremo, Ibadan. Nothing discussed about the father, probably trying to hide his true identity with the father. The hospital had relocated to John KOLLY area Ogbere IDI-OSAN, Ibadan. What he did was that he blocked my post so that no other person would see it. Why? He wants to discuss others on the social media but he’s afraid of people getting to know his true identity and mission.

    1. Bola you may need to write that story on your own facebook page so the rest of the world would know the truth about the impostor called freeze. And you may please help me drop your facebook address here. I am personally interested in the story.

    2. Thanks. The same thing he did to me. He blocked me when I told some deep truth. He is a critics and a coward looking for cheap fame.

  3. FREEZE is a distraction to the body of Christ.Reacting to whatever he says is a waste of time.The best thing to do is to ignore him.

  4. Freeze,it’s unfortunate that alot of blind folks followed you on the issue of tithe.My tithe as a Christian is a mark of obedience and love unto God.My tithe is to God and not Pastor.
    On the issue of Joel Osteen, for me, coming from a Bible believing Church,it’s easier to identity a motivational speaker and false prophets who masquerade as men of God.Joel Osteen is a very good motivational speaker and you also have a lot of them in Nigeria.Wolves in sheep clothing are on rampage.Let the reader take heed as your so call pastor might be a magician on the altar.

  5. Frz or whatever he is called is not born again. Just looking for cheap fame. But forget that no one rise by pulling others down. I replied vehemently and scripturally to his tweets on tithing and he blocked me cos he has no answer to my questions. Ordinary radio presenter making empty noise thinking that to talk is spirituality.

    1. Do not be surprised that Daddy Freeze is all out to destroy the church. He is actually a Muslim of Ahmadiya sect. His father belong to that sect. He had a hospital by the name SMARIA besides St. Peters Anglican Church Aremo, Ibadan. Let him come out and say he did not attend koranic school. As a matter of fact, they were living in the same building with the Romanian mother at the time. I learnt the hospital has relocated to Ogbere another suburb in Ibadan, probably because the building was not their own. It originally belonged to the Adedoyin Family of Ode-Aje. His hostile attitude is probably from the perspective of those that want to bring the church down. I posted a message to his page and he blocked me out. Why? Christ says ‘ I will build my church and the gate of Helll shall not prevail against it’. We are not fighting for the church. JESUS WILL DO IT BY HIMSELF NOT BY SWORD OR COMPULSION.

  6. All of you here ranting against Freeze are either brainwashed church goers or pulpit hustlers. The guy speaks facts. The problem with a lot of you is that either you have deliberately refused to ask questions or you are afraid of the threats from your G.Os. Lemme tell you, this poster may have some points, but his post also comes across as someone with a bias against Freeze already.

    You can pay your tithes. You can even give your G.O your entire earnings. That’s up to you. Truth remains that religion was invented by men so as to have access to the minds of their fellow men and control them. That’s why someone will stand at the pulpit and tell you to bring all your first income of the year to him and you will do that without asking questions.

    For your information, your G.O is not God!

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