It is usually said that those who would cheat, would cheat no matter what happens. While this is true, enabling environment, atmosphere and intention contribute a lot in making cheating a success or a failure.

A survey culled from reveals the top 10 professions where women are likely to cheat.

“It seems like a lot of women have something to get off their chests. An incredible number of participants – over 5,000 – responded to a research survey trying to determine the hows and whys of women who cheat. It’s the biggest study of its kind, and the results were something that no-one expected…”-culturehook

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There are a lot more cheaters in this world than you might think. According to studies, some 40% of women will cheat on a partner at least once in their lives. But contrary to what people once thought, cheating isn’t some part of their personality. In fact, an explosive new survey discovered that it’s not the “who” that you should be looking out for, but the “what she does”. Is your girl going to cheat on you? If she does any of these ten jobs, then it’s highly likely…

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