Davide Astori, the 31-year-old captain of Fiorentina FC is dead. Astori was found dead in his hotel on Saturday night at the La di Moret hotel in Udine.

A statement released by Fiorentina read:

“Fiorentina are profoundly shaken and forced to announce that their captain Davide Astori has died.

“For this terrible and delicate situation, and above all out of respect for his family, we appeal to the sensitivity of the media.

“The boy did not show up for the team’s breakfast at 9:30,” accounted the club’s press officer Arturo Mastronardi. Usually he was the one who showed up first.

“The causes of the incident are not yet known. The magistrate came here and the body was taken to the hospital for the autopsy, that I believe will be done in the day. We have no further details.”

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