The Delta State police command has arrested a 14-year old boy, Efemena Chinedu, for alleged rape and murder.

The 14-year-old suspect raped his 6-year-old half sister before killing his 8-year-old half brother at the family residence in Ofagbe, Isoko North Local Government Area of the south-south state.

According to the Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Muhammad Mustafa, the suspect admitted committing the crime.

Chinedu said he killed his brother and raped his sister as a result of alleged hatred by his polygamous father.

Describing how he killed his half brother, Chinedu said he sat on the victim’s face using his butt to cover his nostrils while the target was fast asleep.

Chinedu said, “I sat on him while he was sleeping, that was how he died. But I did not know that my sister [saw me], so she reported me to my father who took me to the police station.

“My father hates me, he has five wives. He loves his other children more than me. That was why he asked [me] to stop school and go and learn [to be an] electrician,” he said in pidgin English.

The suspect stated that his father’s hatred led him to rape his half sister, adding that he was pushed by a bad spirit to kill his brother.

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14-Year Old Rapes Sister And Kills His Brother

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