Gay rights activist Bisi Alimi is all out on Nigeria actors as he believes none of them can act well.

Taking to his IG handle, Bisi, shared his thoughts on the movie Black Panther, stating that it is in fact proper as no Nigerian actor was part of the cast for the movie.

Alimi continued saying this is due to the fact that no actor in Nigeria has what it takes to act in such movie.

Read his post below;

This of course got many of Genny’s fans angry as they took to his comment section to lash out at him.

Read some of the comments below;

  • didizecks@uyime123 the fact he mentioned Genevieve’s name is so distasteful and petty. Why not say your thought without mentioning her name . Smh
  • didizecks@that_portharcourt_boy please she wasn’t given a time to shine and she was over directed. Please watch movies like RTY and other movies of hers . She is way too talented and you judging her on HOAYS doesn’t hold water to me. You never liked her and stop making excuses of stanning fof her when you don’t. He has no right to mention her name whatsoever. He should have stated his opinion without mentioning her name . That’s where I have a problem
  • nnaemekaonyekaAm just going to be articulate about what I am going to say, bisi if u don’t like GENNY u really didn’t have to say she can’t act are u OK. U are always out there talking about how people don’t respect ur sexuality and u come attack someone who probably haven’t said hi to you in your entire miserable HIV life… Screw you goat… State your fact about the black panther etc without including the queens name
  • agree. Nigerian actors are so fake, even their crying skills are cringe worthy
  • javahungYou must be extremely stupid and ignorant to mention. @genevievennaji name in this your stupid baseless analysis,to even think I have some little respect for u before,I have seen black panther and I don’t see anything very difficult for any skillful Nigerian actress to do,if well tutored,u reason like a child or your HIV is eating deep into your reasoning faculty,attention seeker oshi

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