Some Muslims in Hyderabad, India were filmed burning a heap of Pampers products because they can see the word Mohammed in the face of a cartoon cat on the pack.

The Muslims said that the lines illustrating the whiskers, nose, mouth and left eye of the cat look like the prophet’s name in Arabic or Urdu. Critics called the cat photo an insult to Islam.

Muslims filmed burning Pampers because the cat on the pack looks like prophet?s name in Arabic

Activists from the Islamic group Darsgah Jihad-o-Shahadat have lodged a formal complaint about the nappies at Dabeerpura Police Station in Hyderabad, reports the Deccan Chronicle.

In a letter to police, the group said Pampers, owned by US multinational Procter & Gamble, had “hurt the feelings” of the Muslim community and called for the products to be taken off the shelves immediately.

It stated: “Even with (the) bare eye it is been identified that the name of Prophet (PBUH) can be seen printed on it in Urdu/Arabic.”

The letter added that Prophet Mohammed was a “holy personality in Islam” and the “disrespect cannot be tolerated”. The letter went on to say: “Arrest them and punish them.”

Muslims filmed burning Pampers because the cat on the pack looks like prophet?s name in Arabic

The image on the cat reportedly looks like this Arabic spelling of Mohammed

Some social media users joined in the calls for a Pampers boycott, while others insisted the cartoon was just an innocent drawing of a cat which had been taken out of context.

Nasar Alam Khan wrote: “Please request every Muslim brother and sister to boycott this product. It’s the only way to prove our strength and the love for our Prophet.”

Imtiyaz Naikoo said: “Please grow up. It’s a cat with two eyes and a moustache.”

Azam Shariff said: “Maybe it’s the fault of the creative team but whatever the case is, directly or indirectly, it’s manifesting the name of (our) holy Prophet. That is a sheer desecration, it’s insulting. Don’t use the products until they change this, until they apologise.”

Amina Wani Choudhury added: “Anything that is in your mind you can see or imagine because it’s in your mind, not on diapers.”

In reply to the outrage, Procter & Gamble senior communications manager Scott Popham said: “I am aware of false and misleading information about Pampers being spread via social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube.

“The design on the Pampers Baby Dry Pants shows an innocent animated representation of a cat. It shows a cat’s mouth and whiskers like it is commonly portrayed in drawings and cartoons across the world, especially by little children.

“The intent behind the use of this cartoon is completely innocent and we would never intend to offend any person, religion or cultural belief.”

Below is a video of angry Muslims burning heaps of Pampers.

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