Bishop of the Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Kukah, yesterday attacked politicians that have over time looted the national treasure and caused Nigerians to face the kind of Hardship being faced at the moment. Kukah prayed for God to pnish the looters. He said this when he spoke while recieving campaigners against human trafficking at the Saint Bakhita Secretariat, Sokoto.

“We condemn in a very strong term and we ask for the visitation if they don’t repent, we ask God direct punishment on them , all those who had misappropriated the resources of this country and who are the cause of where we are today because a country like Nigeria should have ordinarily no business with poverty because of its enormous resources. We also pray that God should make those who are currently responsible for managing our massive resources and those whose hands he placed our security, wiser, so that they can address our security and economic challenges,” he said

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