With the craze for sex doll taking a new high, a family planning consultant Mrs. Appolonia Eke, has advised against the use of sex dolls as an alternative family planning method. According to her, this is in fact sodomy.

Appolonia Eke, who is also the Financial Secretary, Public Health Sustainable Advocacy Initiative (PHSAI), while speaking with reporters on Thursday said;

The use of sex dolls as a means of family planning is sodomy and should not be encouraged.

It is like having an intercourse with a dead person or an inanimate object.The scripture is very clear about sex and it forbids having it with either the dead or animals.

Aside that, there may be other consequences, including electrocution of the user, because sex doll is attached to electrical appliances for it to work.

The user may be electrocuted because it is powered by electricity and such thing should not be associated with family planning methods.”

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