Stephanie Otobo the lady who accused Apostle Suleman of having a sexual relationship with her has made a shocking u-turn saying, she was actually paid by some politicians to blackmail him. Recall, Stephanie had explained how the Apostle usually sent her money from Nigeria and even publicly said the police can talk to the bank to see her transactions and even said she can fully describe the Pastor’s prick and also munched some of their video calls!! Now Stephanie says they are all lies and she was used against the Apostle. She visited his church yesterday in Edo State and made those confessions and also asked the Apostle and his wife to forgive her. The Apostle’s wife, Lizzy later told her she has been forgiven and prayed for her. Let us just leave this things like this. Because truly, Stephanie said some things that are way beyond this sudden change…

The video after the cut.

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