You can find a lot of articles on the internet about topics like “How to help your man boost his financial growth.” Women’s financial independence often goes unnoticed.

Bright Side want to encourage you to pay more attention to yourself and check how good you are at dealing with your own finances. We gathered a list of the most common mistakes that many women make, thus exposing themselves to poverty.

Mistake № 1. Eyes wide closed

Women try hard to control their expenses. They count the change in supermarkets, keep a record of daily spendings, and even blame their partners if they don’t express the same level of thoroughness.

It is commendable if a woman is determined to control all her expenses, but she should also think about a wise distribution of income. It’s better to deposit 10% of your salary directly into a bank account and spend the rest according to your monthly plan. This will prevent you from tightening your belt during the month and keep your savings intact.

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