Manifestations of love and manipulation are so similar that sometimes it becomes very difficult to figure out which of them we are looking at. And if we take into account those famous “rose-colored glasses” that don’t let us look at a relationship soberly, then the chances of understanding the real situation fall to a minimum.

Bright Side is not trying to provoke you to look for signs of manipulation in any gesture of care. We have simply collected a list of situations where manipulators show themselves most often.

8. Tracks your location

Referring to a concern for your safety, your partner offers to activate the service of location tracking that your mobile operator provides. Moreover, checking in at public places became your habit a long time ago. Ask yourself if the situation in the city is really so dangerous that you can’t go to the bakery without any control from your beloved one? If no, then the signs of mistrust are there. Your partner wants to be aware of any step of yours because they don’t trust you and want to control your whereabouts.

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