What if it’s true that a person can only have one perfect partner? What if that person was born on the other side of the globe? As recently as a couple of decades ago, the chances were that you’d never know they existed. The opportunity to meet new people online has made the lives of single people a great deal easier, but this opportunity needs to be used wisely.

Bright Side has collected the most popular recommendations from dating apps and website users.

1. Don’t rush things.

Don’t expect to immediately find your love and feel the desire to start a family. Love at the first message doesn’t exist. You need to have a real date (and more than one) to get to know each other.

But there’s a huge number of people on dating apps and websites. How do you choose someone to meet up with out of this multitude?

  • Give preference to users whose profiles contain extensive information about their owners, whose appearance appeals to you, and whose hobbies also interest you. This is necessary to ensure that your first meeting doesn’t become your last one because you have nothing to talk about or because you find your date off-putting.
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