You have probably noticed that the photos and posts that some of your online friends upload can be so annoying that you want to avoid them in real life. And most of the time, you don’t even understand why it’s all so annoying.

In fact, this is because there is some etiquette in social media too. So Bright Side decided to pay some attention to this problem.

People are most annoyed when we:

  1. Post something that only our mother would be interested in (and maybe not even her). Knowing that it was your first time visiting the gym in a while or that your child has learned to sit up is not interesting to anyone. Sad but true. The world is not going to end if nobody knows which milkshake you had today.
  2. Get mysterious. Another way to make your internet friends want to cringe is to give the impression that something important happened or to post something unclear without any comment. For example: “I was just a step away from my dream, but the Universe said, ’No.’ ”
  3. Make something personal public. You have probably seen on someone’s wall something like “Jess, that was a really cool party yesterday!” A person who posts something like this might be thinking that they are very communicative and that they have a lot of friends. Oops. You can use personal chats for that.
  4. Post a bunch of identical photographs. We are pretty sure such people should be legally punished.
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