Landlines disappeared, and so did videotapes. With never ending technological advancements, there are a lot of other things that will go out of fashion or become good for nothing in the near future.

GIGGAG rounded up a few things that you can’t imagine your life without right now, but they might not be familiar to the next generation at all. This list might be surprising to you as it contains some of your favorite things.

12. Chocolate

We don’t mean to shock you, but let’s face the bitter truth. You might well have to say goodbye to your favorite chocolate one day. Considering the pace at which cocoa production is reducing, the time isn’t far off when chocolates may vanish entirely. Analysts believe that the ever-increasing gap between the demand and supply of chocolate will only increase in the future.

We told you this list was going to be surprising. Start stocking up! We hope that this pink and green dessert will make up for your favorite chocolate fantasy.

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