A Toronto professor is reaping rewards from the success of Michael Wolff’s White House exposé “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

Chatter about the tell-all tome has been a boom to book sales for Prof. Randall Hansen, whose own book, also entitled “Fire and Fury,” documents the Allies’ bombing of Germany during World War II.

Hansen, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, said the hype around Wolff’s book has brought new attention to his own.

“It’s really gratifying that people are talking about the book again,” Hansen told the Daily News.
“We are getting lots of attention.”
Hansen admits that sales of his book, published in 2008, had languished until recently.
“One of the nice things that has happened is that people who didn’t know my book existed, and who are interested in the moral question of war, are buying the book because of the attention,” Hansen said Wednesday.

He said it’s now on three bestselling lists, and is sold out on Amazon’s U.S. and Canadian sites.The capital was talking about nothing else, and I only regarded it as an odd sort of coincidence until I saw the effect on sales,” he said.

He’ll only know exactly how many copies have sold when his publisher sends him a royalty check.

Hansen said a number of customers purchased his book by mistake.

Most have taken it in stride, but some have angrily reviewed his work on Amazon.

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