Because obviously we were all put on this planet for no other reason than to please men, of course.

I get it, we all do things that annoy each other, but what is it about stuff that only get’s on the opposite sex’s nerves?

Why are there some things that men do that all other men think are fine, but they drive women up the wall?

Well, its the same the other way around too.

So here are those things that really annoy the boys. So you can make sure you do them much, much more in future.

1. Taking longer than them to get ready

From the opposite perspective, there’s another more annoying than when you’re getting ready to go out than a man standing there puffing his cheeks and looking at his watch. Next time your boyfriend does that, offer to do his make up too – oh wait, except, he won’t be wearing any. Sure a bunch of that time was spent deciding what to wear… or maybe sitting on the bed playing on our iPad… but these things can’t be rushed, mkay?

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