A Texas man is facing life behind bars for kidnapping his ex-girlfriend with the hopes of brainwashing her into being his wife.

Jack William Morgan was found guilty Tuesday of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping and is slated to be sentenced in March, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Authorities in January arrested the 32-year-old after finding a woman wearing only underwear chained in the back of his van. They were tipped off by a witness earlier in the day, who had seen the 28-year-old victim being dragged out of her Las Vegas apartment.

The witness was also able to give a description of the van, which authorities found just outside Santa Fe the same night, according to the newspaper.

Morgan and his victim — who he dated during and after college — met up for coffee about a week before the kidnapping.

She told police her ex-boyfriend wrapped her neck and face in duct tape and attempted to hogtie her before knocking her unconscious and dragging her from her home. She said Morgan told her he intended to take her to cave, where he would chain her to an anchor and “brainwash” her into being “his wife,” according to court documents.

Samuel Brown, 19, was in the passenger seat of the van when Morgan was arrested and was also hit with a federal kidnapping charge. In November, he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and is awaiting sentencing.

Morgan told the woman he’d been planning the attack with Brown for more than a year and that he used fake social media accounts to stalk here.

He was unable to find her address, so he began knocking on doors in the area under the guise of collecting donations for the church.

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