We love our partners right?

We’d do (almost) anything for them, and we love them with all our hearts.

However, what would you do if your partner was an idiot. But not just any idiot, a complete idiot?

Would you still love them?

Probably, but it does mean you have to explain some very strange things to them that you thought was common knowledge.

When your dating someone who is a lovable idiot, you find yourself having to explain why the past wasn’t in black and white, and how pistachio shells aren’t sea shells.

It can get tedious and we often wonder why we’re doing this, but then they’ll do something silly and realise that’s why.

Having an idiot for a partner is no reason to despair, it can be really hilarious from time to time.

And you’re not the only one with an idiot for a partner.

From boyfriends who think World War One started because of 9/11, to girlfriends who think drying a microwave in a shirt is a good idea, here’s a collection of hilarious fails caused by some very stupid boyfriends and girlfriends.


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