It feels really good when you achieve something in your life. It makes you wish to tell all the people you’re close, about it. You might consider the smiling faces around you to be the well-wishers you need which can motivate you to do more but you might be wrong. Envy is something which isn’t always apparent in front of your own eyes and its is also not necessary to expect it from the people who aren’t close to you; even a close “best friend” can be envious of your achievements,

Sometimes there are people around you who wish that your happiness gets dull because they are just jealous and it’s not cool for them to not get what you have achieved. It can be something as little as good grades or as big as a new house but how do we know who they are? Well that’s not hard to find out. We have compiled around 17 signs which are going to help you spot a person who’s secretly jealous of you; Read on to find out about them.

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