Men and women are different when it comes to their libidos, but both can suffer from having a low libido and wanting to increase it.

In this article, we will look at 15 things that can increase sex drive and how you can start enjoying a healthier, mature sex life with your partner today.

Before we talk about how to increase your libido with one or more of these things on our list, let’s discuss what libido is. According to a research paper published in the European Menopause Journal ‘Libido is a comprehensive and yet elusive word that indicates basic human mental states ‘ and their biological counterparts’ involved in the beginning of sexual behavior. It has three main roots: biological, motivational-affective and cognitive.’ To increase libido, we can focus on mental, biological, or emotional factors, or we can try to affect all three of these factors.


Memories of the good times that you’ve had, either with your current partner, or with someone else, can make you desire sex and increase your libido.

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