DESPITE THE POPULARITY of dating apps, sometimes you want to meet someone in person. Times are different. People have become used to meeting new partners in their pajamas while swiping on their couch as an old Seinfeld rerun plays. Perhaps after one too many bad internet dates, you’re ready to meet someone the old-fashioned way: at the bar while grabbing beers with your friends. And you want to do it in a way that puts her at ease—not in a way that causes her defenses to go up.

There are benefits to asking someone out in a public setting like a bar rather than on your phone screen. If you’re both hanging out in the same place, you’re likely to have something in common, such as a favorite sports team, or perhaps you both work in the same neighborhood. Not to mention, connecting with someone in 3D allows you to get a sense of their demeanor, body language, smell, and other basic indicators of attraction. So get out of your couch and text your single buddies to mark off Friday for a round of beers at your favorite dive bar. Then follow these tips to finally meet a woman—IRL.

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