Men can be a difficult bunch to decipher, especially if you are dating them. To start with, one of the number one fears of a man is the fear of rejection. Regardless, there are a bunch of committed men out there who want their relationship with their partner to foster the most intimacy for them. Once you know what is in the mind of a committed men, there is no turning back.

5. Jealousy

A committed guy wishes and expects loyalty from his woman. This is one thing he needs to feel secure in. When you start seeing signs of jealousy in such a guy, know there’s something not right somewhere. I’m not talking about excessive jealous. A guy shouldn’t accuse you of cheating or tell you that you can’t go out. If that’s happening, then you may be in an abusive relationship. Guys that have relationships that pass the test of time are those who can have faith in their partners.

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