A study has indicated that the rates of cheating and failed marriages is increasing annually, and despite this study being alarming and saddening at the same time, scientists have also discovered a few ways to see if your in the clear with your marriage or relationship or not, even though these are simply studies and results may vary we thought they still might be worth sharing with you, so we at Born Realist have listed out a few points, that might help you see if your guy is really cheating on you or not, let us know what you found out in the comments;


Studies conducted recently have shown that partners that bring around the same amount of money home are less likely to be involved in affairs, than partners in which the male earns significantly more or significantly less money, a study was also conducted regarding the average rate of educated men available for educated women, the results were saddening again, as it the polls showed that more good-looking educated women are left behind than most educated men, (maybe it’s time to move to silicon valley).

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