When we get married we think it is forever. That our feelings and emotions are strong and enough to conquer the world as a couple and that our feeling will never change. Of course, people who have arranged marriages can have some fears at the beginning, but still, they never think about a divorce. However, according to scientists the risk of getting divorced changes with the marriage length. If you want to know when it is higher, just read our article. At the end, we also posted the main signs which herald the end of the relationship.

1-2 years of marriage: high risk level

Although it would seem that at the beginning of marriage everything should be fine, unfortunately in many cases it does not happen. Couples often discover themselves after marriage when they live together and must make common decisions. It turns out that when marriage is badly chosen then most often it comes to cheating. According to a survey conducted by the Fatherly Portal, as many as 20 percents of marriages break up during the initial period of marriage. Of the 10 thousand examined divorces, men said they were willing to cheat at the beginning of their marriage.

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