I know there are quite a few people out there who have a serious sweet tooth, especially when it comes to sugar filled treats!

I know I can’t go a day without snacking on chocolate or cookies! I just can’t help myself!

But it obviously goes without saying that too much sugar is bad for us.

It’s amazing to think that sugar has only been eaten for a few hundred years. Sugar consumption rocketed in the 1700s, as the previously luxury item was exported in greater quantities from South America and sold for prices most could afford.

Even though 1700 seems like a lifetime ago, the fact that sugar has been mass consumed for around 300 years is in stark contrast to how long it wasn’t consumed.

Our species, homo sapiens, evolved 200,000 years ago. That means that for about 100,700 years, sugar was not a main feature of the human diet. How times have changed.

When you think about it like this, it’s no wonder why scientists are concerned about the amount of sugar in our modern diets and the effect this is having on our bodies.

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