This video shows the shocking moment a woman is stabbed to death in front of her 13-year-old daughter during a road rage row with another woman in Brazil last Saturday.

The victim, Raquel Melo Motta, 39, pictured above and her alleged killer Islay Cristina Pereira de Sousa were involved in an argument after they both stepped out of their cars and coming to blows in the Brazilian city of Macae, north-east of Rio de Janeiro.

During the fight, Ms. Melo Motta got stabbed three times in the chest by Islay Cristina Pereira de Sousa, while her daughter was in the car.

The video shows Pereira de Sousa attacking Ms. Melo Motta with a three-inch stiletto knife, before the wounded mother reacted by punching and pulling at Pereira de Sousa’s hair during a violent clash.

After the clash, Ms. Melo Motta is seen clutching at her chest as she made her way back into her car and driving off as her attacker is also seen picking up her valuables scattered on the ground.

According to reports, a few seconds later she collapsed at the wheel – and died soon after reaching hospital as a result of her injuries.

Speaking to local TV station after the row, Raquel’s husband Vanderson said the alleged killer had chased her down after a row which started when she tried to jump a red light.

He said: ‘The light was red and she wanted to go through it. She threatened to hit my wife’s car. Raquel wound her window down and asked if she was mad. From then the woman began to chase after my wife’s vehicle.’

After Brazilian authorities put out an appeal to the general public for information on Pereira de Sousa, she handed herself to cops, three days after the stabbing.

Islay Cristina Pereira de Sousa was later remanded in custody on suspicion of homicide after telling detectives she had acted in self-defense.

Confirming the incident, Macae police chief Filipi Poets said: ‘They began to argue and both got out of their vehicles.
‘Islay took out a stiletto and scratched the victim’s car. She then stabbed Raquel three times. One of them pierced her heart. She was helped by a doctor who was in the car behind and taken to hospital. Sadly she didn’t survive her injuries.’

Taking to social media to mourn her, Raquel’s heartbroken husband wrote: ‘I will always love you, I will always carry you in my heart for the rest of my life.

‘The scum who did this is going to hand themselves in to police tomorrow. I’m not leaving till I see her behind bars. I will spend the night there if needs be. I want to look into her eyes and ask why did you do this to my princess.’

It was also reported that Raquel’s alleged killer was arrested in 2002 for assaulting another woman in her home state of Ceara in north-eastern Brazil and she’s yet to be tried for that crime.

.Shocking moment woman is stabbed to death in front of her 13-year-old daughter by another woman in Brazil (Video)

Watch the incident below..

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