If you’re one of those people that never forgets a birthday, a meeting, a commitment you made to feed your friend’s cat while they were out of town…er, oops or you ,know someone who just generally has it together then maybe you can’t relate.

However, for the rest of us who cannot ever seem to remember if that meeting was this Thursday or last Thursday (oops). If you are constantly leaving the gas cap off of the tank when you fill up, leaving your lunch at home and forgetting where you put your purse last night when you got home, then there might be some good news for you.

Even though you may find your forgetful tendencies to be quite the pain in the rump, and likely others do too, at times-research has suggested that being of the absent mind might actually be a good sign.

Yep, fortunately for the forgetful ones, this recent study suggests that those who might “forget their heads, had they not been attached” might actually be at an advantage.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people are more forgetful than others, the answer might not be at all what you thought.

Source: akonkonnected

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