Nigerian gay rights activist Bisi Alimi has blasted Bovi and Akpororo over their sick homophobic joke.

Bisi who got married to his white boyfriend Anthony Davis last year, shared a video of himself on IG with the caption;

So the so called @officialbovi (I actually can’t find anything official about him) and sad face Akpororo have a video making round of their ‘comedy’. I had to put comedy in quote because to be honest the video I saw of them is of a tragedy. It is so bad and sad the audience forgot to laugh and if these people have comedy on their cv I think it’s time they look for another job. These two sad souls uses death and hyper sexualisation to drive home their bigotry and hatred of LGBT people. If you think being a bully is cool and funny, I wish you get bully. And Akpororo, wishing anal cancer on people is the lowest you can go. I hope you remember that at the centre of your jokes are human beings like you, it is so sad you hate yourself so much to hate other people. And Bovi, sexualising your kids and forcing them to say pussy and dick is not funny, it is actually an act of abuse. It is lame, stupid and sad. I am happy to help you guys write better comedy next time.

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