When we see pictures posted on social media, there is more to it than we can actually see it. Behind every incredible picture, you see on the web is taken by extremely talented and creative photographers. But the question arises that how creative they can actually get? Nowadays, manipulation of pictures is a big part of the final output that is posted but a lot of creative photographers still use physical work in ways that the rest of us couldn’t even think of.

These few pictures will prove what photographers are capable of doing and how creative and imaginative they can get. Right from placing pictures of people into other locations to making them levitate, these behind-the-scenes images prove there’s a lot more to stunning pictures than first meets the eye. From strategically placed cameras to Instagram boyfriends going to extreme lengths for the perfect click, these pictures show why you shouldn’t always trust what you see on social media.

Check out the pictures below that will surely prove why you shouldn’t trust images that are posted on the social networking sites!

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