Break ups are one of the most difficult things everyone can go through regardless of the person’s gender. There is always two sides in a relationship and when one side doesn’t do what he/she is supposed to do, then that is when things get messy and start to fall out. The pain is there, no matter where you are in your relationship with your significant others. Based on studies, the heartbreak can actually cause real pain in you! Our heart reacts the same way in love as it reacts when you are an addict so breaking up will be followed by the same reaction as not being able to get your hands on illegal substances!


There are some signs that your body shows as well when you are going through a heartbreak. Let’s talk how your brain will react. Based on a study in 2010 that was published in Journal of Neurophysiology, it has been shown that when people see the picture of their exes, the part of their brain that registers physical pain activates. Based on another study in 2013, acetaminophen can reduce the pain of your heartbreak just like how it reduces most kinds of pains.

According to Harvard Medical School, fight-or-flight is a combination of reactions to stress. And it can be harmful to your body when you don’t need the reactions that your body is producing. If you have a broken heart, your immune system weakens and you will be more vulnerable toward bacteria and viruses. Another consequence of these reactions could be having sore and swollen muscles! It is caused by the cortisol being produced in your body but your muscles not being ready for it. How crazy can that be?!

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