Are you a crier? Psychologists are with increasing frequency saying that we all should be – and here’s why.

In particular, crying is a sign of emotional strength, as well as resilience.

Check out these four reasons you should be proud to cry:

1. Stress Relief

Several studies throughout the years have proven that stress relief comes naturally from crying, as it lets us process our distress and trauma in a healthy way, and keeps us from bottling our feelings up in ways that can manifest more painfully yet later on.

2. It Shows We Don’t Care What Others Think

In particular, studies have shown that people actually tend to think more highly of people who are willing to cry in public – especially because it shows that the person crying is comfortable within themselves.

3. It Proves You Aren’t Afraid of Your Feelings

Acknowledging your emotions keeps us healthy, and can prevent us from making poor life choices.

4. Crying Makes You a Better Friend

Being comfortable with your feelings makes it easier for your friends to be open with their feelings, and as a result, you build stronger, more open friendships and relationships with your friends. You can also tell a great deal about your friends by how they act when you’re in your lowest moments – are they there for you when you need them? Those are the friends worth keeping around.

Source: Trendingpulse

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