A few weeks back singer Davido took to social media to announce that he won’t be performing at a billed show on September 1 in Colorado, USA due to some issues.

He however explained the reason for cancelling the show tweeting that he almost got arrested  have  for credit card fraud like fellow musician, Dammy Krane, He added that in a bid to avoid being another “Dammy Krane” he did not appear in Colorado.
He stated;

“Damn they almost Dammy Kraned me smh! Can’t make the show in Colorado tonight! We were at the airport for five hours. I’m so sorry! It was out of our hands and there was nothing we could do. I will do all I can to make it up to you guys… God bless,”

This apology did not go down well with the organisers of the show, BME, as they claimed Davido deliberately missed the show, while dubbing him a liar.
According to BME, three flights had been booked for Davido consecutively but he bluntly failed to honour any of them, under the guise that he was doing a photo shoot, while he was actually partying. BME said;
“We attempted to book a fourth flight for Davido but Davido failed to accept the fourth flight arrangement, stating that he wanted a direct flight into Denver. We could not get him a direct flight to Denver, as there were none; all that was available was connecting flights.
Davido, who bluntly refused to make his flight three times, then posted on his snapchat that he was not going to make it to Colorado! We don’t owe Davido. He breached his contract!”
Ayodele Akindele, a staunch fan of Davido based in Colorado, stated:
“It is obvious that Davido is not telling the truth. That he was arrested is probably an excuse just to get off the hook. We all came out and bought tickets for his show only for him to abandon us; it is so sad.”
Another fan of Davido, Balkissa Saidou, said: “(Davido) stole my money, wasted my time and didn’t even have the decency to be honest to the guests. So disappointed.”
 Dan Asima, Davido on the canceled show said:
“It is sad that Davido chose to go parting while his fans here in Colorado were waiting for him. It is so sad.” Meanwhile, in order to assuage fans, BME had organised another concert for October 16 featuring P-Square. It was a free show. But lots of music fans were not assuaged by BME’s option.
An angry Ashley Reynolds fumed:
“This means nothing to me! You guys still haven’t resolved anything. And to sum it up, you guys try and bring another artiste out here when the first one never came. You guys trying to butter people up with a free concert. (This) isn’t going to make people forget how you’ve wronged us. Nor will it bring our money back to our wallets.”
When Sunday Sun called Davido’s manager, Asa Asika for his reaction, mum was the word. He neither picked his call nor replied text messages sent him.

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