Courses in Nigerian Universities: Before you apply to any University in Nigeria, you must ensure that the course you are taking is fully accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). The association just released the full list of the Universities offering unaccredited courses. Check out the list below:

School Name / Unaccredited Courses

1.University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Russian, Dentistry and Statistics

2. University Of Benin
Anatomy and Pharmacy

3. University Of Calabar
Business Management, Theatre and Media, Arts and Public Health

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BREAKING NEWS: If You Are Studying Any Of These Courses In Nigerian Universities, You Are Not In School – NUC ( See List)

  1. Please check your information properly before posting. Microbiology in FUTO is accredited. The accreditation team from NUC was in FUTO in October last year to accredit two departments, microbiology and biotechnology, and both of them passed the accreditation with over 80% pass mark.

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