Marc Anthony has had over $2.5 million stolen from his personal bank accounts by an employee at a New York accounting firm.

Kyle Tessiero allegedly used Anthony’s American Express for purchases over the last eight years and then paid off the credit card with the 49-year-old singer’s bank account funds.
The illegal activity allegedly started in 2009 and carried on through this year, reports TMZ, and Anthony was completely unaware of it until recently Tessiero started at the firm in 2007 and apparently had instant access to Anthony’s bank accounts and credit cards.

He would make purchases on the Latin star’s credit card funding a luxurious lifestyle in New York including nights out at various entertainment venues.

In the last four years alone the employee went really wild racking up $2.5 million in charges, all funded by Anthony’s pocket.

The financial malpractice was discovered after an internal review was conducted at the firm and an audit exposed the irregularities on the accounts. Tessiero was caught in August and charged with first-degree grand larceny, reports TMZ.

If convicted he faces up to 25 years in prison.

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