A five-year-old girl who grew breasts aged two and started her period at four is now being forced to go through the menopause.

Little Emily Dover was still a toddler when she developed breast buds, strong body odour and cystic acne – to her parents’ shock.

She started menstruating at just four years old and, within the past 12 months, has grown hair on her forehead, back and vagina.

Now, she is facing going through the menopause – as well as the same, often distressing, side effects that older women experience.

Her mum, Tam Dover, told Mirror Online her beautiful daughter is body conscious, aware that she is different to other children her age.

But heartbreakingly, the youngster can’t understand why.

She will now be forced into menopause. .

It is $1,455 (£1,105) per shot, and will throw her into menopause, with all the side effects that 50+ year old women have, and as we are both working, we are not entitled to health care /pension card rebates.

Emily was diagnosed with Addisons disease this summer after years of tests

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