A man pretended he was about to propose to his girlfriend, only to end up humiliating her in front of everyone and it was caught on video.

The embarrassing footage shows the boyfriend standing in a room full of diners. As soon as he has the attention of everyone, he starts talking to his girlfriend and declaring his love for her, except he spoke in the past tense.

Unsuspecting diners smiled as they observed the proposal and as one of them reached for his phone to film the scene, the man turned to his partner and dropped the bombshell.

He tells her he found out the night before that she has been cheating on him, then he drops the box believed to contain an engagement ring and walks out, leaving everyone shocked. The incident reportedly occurred in the US.

In the video which was shared on Twitter, the man is seen telling his girlfriend: “I have absolutely loved you, introduced you to my son and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

But instead of dropping to one knee and slipping the ring onto her finger, he said: “However, last night, Chris told me about it. You’re cheating.”

He then lets the ring fall on the table in front of his girlfriend, gives the peace sign, and walks out of the room, leaving everyone stunned.

Watch the shocking video below.

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