The rape of two young children have been heroically stopped y a plane passenger who read suspicious text messages over the shoulder of the passenger seated in front of her.According to Mercury News, the said woman was flying from Seattle to San Jose on Monday when she noticed the passenger sitting directly in front of her was sending repulsive texts about sexually molesting young children.

The woman grabbed her phone and took photos of what she saw on Michael Kellar‘s (pictured above, left) phone as evidence, and quietly alert cabin crew.

It was in large font, and she sees certain words and starts contemplating there’s something bigger there. Then the conversation transitions to children. That’s the moment when she decided to preserve the evidence as best as she could.

According to San Jose police, the woman had prevented a “horrific” and “catastrophic” crime against the two children.

“The conversations were very particular in regards to sex acts that were to be performed on children. Some of the sex acts talked about not only molesting children, but performing bestiality,” the spokesperson said.

Evidence from the 56-year-old’s phone were used to track down the home of the woman he was texting with. The woman, Gail Burnworth(pictured above, right), and Kellar both reside in Tacoma, Washington.
Burnworth who reportedly works as a babysitter, was carrying out Kellar’s sexual requests on two children, a 5-year-old and 7-year-old, whom the police have identified as victims.

Michael Kellar has been charged with two counts of attempted child molestation and two counts of solicitation of a sex crime. While Gail Burnworthhas been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, rape of a child in the first degree and dealing in sexually-explicit child imagery.

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