A rape victim’s brother has been ‘given permission’ by village elders to rape the attacker’s sister as punishment.

Chief Saeed Patwari has been arrested after he allegedly allowed Mohammad Ashfaq to rape the 17-year-old to avenge the rape of his sister, 13, by Omar Wadda.

In multiple raids over two days, police also arrested 23 councilmen over the same case, according to the spokeswoman, Shabina Kareem.

A regional police chief and some other officers were fired for their belated response after the first rape took place in the village of Raja Pur, near the city of Multan, on July 16.

We will do justice with the both victims,’ said Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister of Punjab province, during a visit to Multan.

Kareem, the police spokeswoman, said Ashfaq was still at large but Wadda has been arrested and charged with raping Ashfaq’s sister.


Featured Image: The room where she was raped AFP

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