A group which called on Senate president,Bukola Saraki to step down, has alleged senate he is threatening their members.

Kwara Must Change,made the allegation in a statement issued on Monday. Signed by Mr. Yusuf Olatunji, the group’s Coordinator for Kwara Central Senatorial District, the statement said

“The recall process will not be aborted for this unfortunate reason. It shall proceed as planned on 1 August 2017 and we urge everyone in Kwara Central to join us in this historic recall.
“Aides of the Senate President, who are spearheading this evil plot know themselves, but we also know them and they will soon hear from us. They and their political thugs would wish they never threatened us, as we have gathered all their previous criminal activities,” stated Kwara Must Change.”

“While they are plotting to kill other people for exercising their constitutional rights, they are not aware that their own life is not assured as well. We at Kwara Must Change will not beg them to desist from their evil plot, but they must know that we are not in any way scared of them. We make bold to say that, we will never live in fear of their evil plans. Instead of running away from them, we will face them squarely,” vowed the group.

On 11 July, Kwara Must Change announced its desire to commence the process of recalling the Senate President, which it said is a constitutionally-guaranteed right.

It noted that its declaration, which was initially dismissed by Mr. Saraki’s aides as an exercise in futility.

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