A Sin City warehouse of a Swedish sex toy company in Las Vegas, US was hit by thieves in two separate attacks. According to CNN, over the Memorial Day weekend on Friday night, the bandits broke in and stole boxes containing 30,000 condoms in the first attack.
On Saturday morning, they returned and rammed a vehicle through a delivery door. This time they grabbed boxes containing $15,000 worth of sex toys.
Reacting to the distasteful act, on its website, the sex toy company Lelo had only one question after the break-ins: ‘What kind of party are these people having? We could have done the sponsorship or something,’ the management wrote on their website.
In the post, Lelo described the thieves as “the horniest criminals in world history.”
Speaking to CNN, Lelo representative Davor Solvo said whoever took the condoms and sex toys probably didn’t grab them “for testing purposes.”
According to Solvo, the break-ins were captured on surveillance video, which has been giving to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for investigation.

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