One of Kenya’s most wanted terror suspects is dead. Fatuma Mohamed Masou had a Sh2 million bounty on her head, and was the wife of slain terrorist Kassim Omondi, who was killed by police during a raid in 2013.

On the run since September last year, her body was found in Kedong, near Naivasha, more than a month ago, but the police officers who stumbled upon her remains did not immediately identify her.

Her family did not show up for the brief burial ceremony at the Naivasha Muslim cemetery, but instead asked well-wishers to inter her remains.

Police put a bounty on Ms Masou’s head after they accused her of hiding yet another terrorist, Ishmael Shosi, who was killed in September last year during a raid in Mombasa.

They believed she was armed, dangerous and closely linked to jihadist networks in Somalia and the region.

Although she was arrested soon after her husband’s death in 2013, she was released after denying before a magistrate that she had been found in possession of assorted firearms, including two hand grenades and a gun.

And then, about a month ago, police officers stumbled upon two bodies in a field in Kedong, Naivasha.

After fingerprint identification, it turned out that the two were some of Kenya’s most wanted fugitives, said local police boss Titus Mathuku.

The other was Farid Omar Awadh, also on the police wanted list.

A Naivasha-based Muslim preacher, Adam Ali Hassan, on Sunday said family members had positively identified the two bodies before they were buried at the Naivasha Muslim cemetery.

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